The Power of Failing

Greetings Friends

It happens to the best of us. Whether it be a work project, an exam, securing a client sale – sometimes we fail. It’s true, obviously no one enjoys going through the experience of failure, but boy let me tell you how much value it holds!

For me, failure is the greatest opportunity to learn how to improve. It has such an intense, lasting feeling on us that it’s nearly impossible to forget. And with this intensity, it drives us, it motivates us, it (wait for it) EMPOWERS US! Our resiliency to pull ourselves up after we fall is one of the most powerful and respectable forces to be reckoned with.

I have failed at one point or another in just about every realm of my life : relationships (with family, friends, and romantic companions), work goals, school projects/exams, personal goals (fitness and volunteer comittments)…..gosh the list could go on! The common factor in it all, I’m alive and happy and better than ever lol.

My failures hit me hard. Plenty of tears, plenty of anguish, plently of hopeless emotions. But, it’s perfectly normal to go through this dank tunnel in such a time. As time passes, you may find that the sad feelings turn almost into anger. Pause. THIS IS THE MOMENT – RIGHT HERE. This is where you channel that anger and energy into self motivation.

Here is where I try to pinpoint what went wrong. What was the turning point that led to the not-so-desired path. I wouldn’t recommend stewing on this for too long though, you don’t want to be caught in the loom of reliving the experience in your analysis. As soon as the problem is identified, create the action plan!

What tactics will you use to counteract the issue that arose? Where can you go to get assistance for succeeding (manager, family member, written material in books and online)? And, how will you measure your success? There is so much value to be found in measuring the steps you take towards success. It will ensure you keep on track, and will motivate you to consistently work towards achieving your goal.

And so my friends, I do hope this to EMPOWER you the next time you feel you haven’t succeeded in something. Feel free to share an experience of a time you failed, and the steps you took to overcome it.

Peace out, until next time


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