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The Secret Sauce to Mingle with People

Greetings Friends
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s actually just that person who’s ridiculously good at mingling and puts the rest of us to shame. “Goddammit why can’t I be more like them?!” The consistent cry of nearly every introvert – why do I suck at talking with people?
In my not so long life, there have already been countless occasions where I’ve found myself lost in the trenches of a party or gathering of some sort, and had to find the courage to get to know people (cue the shivers of grotesque fear at just the thought). But it’s not all that bad, really. A lot can come out of being able to connect with others.  And even for the shyest (definitely spelled that wrong) people, energy can be found in being social!
And so, what is the art of mingling you ask? Damned if I actually know.
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I do find that the tiniest details remembered about others will score you enormous brownie points when mingling. “How was your vacation to Mexico?”, “I recall your birthday is coming up, happy early birthday!”. Score 1 for the awkward introvert with the memory of an elephant.
And if you’re thrown into the fire with people you’ve never met before, well, never fear! Perhaps start with a non-creepy compliment, or a comment about the current event/environment that you can both relate to. Ask them about what they do, what they enjoy. If there’s some common ground there, then you’re solid! Picture it as networking, but less formal.
I personally enjoy showing a bit of my weirdness too. Whether it’s my quirky re-enactment of a story I’m telling, or the comedic relief in bluntly stating if i feel awkward. Whatever floats your boat; express yourself.
With that in mind, please, I beg of you, don’t boast yourself. I think I speak for most when I say I cannot express my sincere dislike of braggers enough… one cares about how big your ego is (except maybe Freud)!
And so dear friends, I wish you all the luck and prosperity at your next mingling event. With these tips, I feel somewhat confident that you can in fact be the life of the party (or at least not be the unmemorable ghost). Have some cool (or awkward) mingling experiences? Mention them in the comments!
Peace out, until next time

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