When you Feel Alone

Greetings Friends.

We all have those days. Those crappy, gloomy, depresing days where there happiness just seems to have been sucked right out of you! And unfortunately for some, these days turn into weeks (or the whole entire month of January for me….winter blues hit me hard).

This doesn’t necesscarily mean being alone; trust me I LOVE my alone time to recharge. Thos means feeellliinnnggg alone. You could be in a room filled with people, and you simply feel that you don’t fit in anywhere.

Being someone who falls victim to these feelings a little too often, I’d like to share my strategies and mechanisms for coping.

Think about the World – Really. Think about it. Think about all the continents, all the countries, all the cities. Think about the 7.4 billion people who are alive right now. I feel it’s pretty safe to say, there’s a heck of a lot of people out there. Although you don’t even know 1% of them, you can find solace in knowing that you’re not really alone. And, chances are there’s likely a lot of others who feel lonely, so, you’re really not the only one. Whenever I think of this, it helps me to put things in perspective.

Physical Outlet – We all know it’s true, even though we don’t all necesscarily do it. Exercise releases endorphins – your happy, feel good feelings! So why not go for a run, practice Yoga, dance a lil? Getting your body up and moving will bring out some positivity, which can help you battle against the sadder emotions that arise when you’re feeling lonely.

Listen to Happy Music – This is a very helpful one for me. The power of music is incredible. It has the ability to allow you to recall happy times, permits an escape from reality, and above all, it can turn that frown upside down!

And so, dear friends, I hope these pieces of advice will help during lonely times. Utelize these tactics, and remember you are never truly alone! Let me know of strategies you use when you’re going through times like this…..sharing is caring!

Peace out, until next time


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