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4 Tips on Preparing for an Interview

Greetings Friends.

You’re looking through your email, and a delightful message pops into your inbox. It’s from that job posting you applied to – they actually are reaching out and want you in for an interview!! Wow! What! Overwhelmed with excitment, biggest smile possible on your face, and then you remember…..I didn’t get hired (yet), this is just a dreaded interview. Annnnnndddd in kicks our dear old friend anxiety.

It’s common for people to be nervous for interviews; if you’re not at least a little nervous, it means your heart doesn’t truly want the position.

Reasearch the company history – No you don’t have to go in extreme detail and remember all important dates, but rather, skim through and gain a general understanding. Pick out a few points here and there that you may just so happen to be able to slip into the conversation very casually, *wink wink*

Showing your knowledge of current or past major events related to the company will surely impress the hiring manager – speaking of which, Research the hiring manager too if you can! Knowing a bit about their history or interests will give you an upper hand…..”I have a pet dog” hiring manager “Wow, I do too, what breed blah blah blah….gosh we have a lot in common, you’re hired!” Okay, maybe commonalities won’t land you the job, but it can help put you in their good books and make you memorable.

Jot down some questions to ask – This one is key as it shows how interested you are in the position. Now, the obvious course of action goes something like this : review the job posting, and anything that isn’t clear, ask about it. But ya gotta think bigger!

Try asking questions like “How do you (the hiring manager) enjoy working for this department/company” or “What are the opportunities for advancement”. Questions like these will show that you are genuine, and here, or at least thinking of it, for the long term – two things hiring managers LOVE to pick up on! The more unique the question, the better.

Rehearse your answers – Yep, the classic acting crazy by talking to yourself. It works. So who cares how crazy you seem.

Depending on the nature of the industry/job you’re applying to, there’s bound to be common question they may fire at you. And having answers prepped for more generic questions is always helpful…”So, tell me about yourself”, “Can you name one of your Weaknesses?”, “Why do you want this job?”.

Don’t go and script out your whole answer and go in with cue cards. Just have a broad idea of what you plan to say if the question arises…..I find this totally helps me keep the nervous butterflies at a manageable level!

Dress to impress – Literally dress in an outfit that you think looks impressive. Be it a 3-piece lined suit, heels and a spiffy pencil skirt – you name it. Go in there showing you mean business! I also want to tie in here, bring in mutiple copies of resume. This will totally impress the hiring manager. Not only does it show your preparation, but may also really come in handy if there’s an unexpected second or third interviewer.

All in all, my advice is to go into these things prepared. Your answers, your appearance, your knowledge – show them you’re the whole package! Plus, take it as an opportunity to interview them back. Ask questions to determine how appropriate you think the opportunity is. It’s a two way arrangement when it comes to these things, so don’t feel too nervous 😉

What are some of your interview tips and tricks?! Feel free to share below!

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