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When People Ask – “What are your Hobbies?”

Greetings Friends.

For some (or most) providing an answer to the above question can be pretty difficult. You may have to think, very long and very hard about what in the world you actually do with your time…..hmm, Netflix and chill comes to mind! But, there’s more to you than watching TV shows and eating food, even if you don’t think so.

For a while when I was asked this question, I would actually just make up hobbies that seemed popular…”Yeah I hit the gym about 4 times a week and go out drinking with friends pretty much every weekend”. Those two hobbies could not be more inaccurate! It’s been a solid 5 years since I set foot in a gym, and my weekends are generally spent with myself, my boyfriend, or either of our families.

It’s easy to become insecure when asked this question, as it essentially describes who you are. Tough to explain that to someone, I know.

I’d like to offer a bit of advice in how I articulated myself to be able to answer this question.

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Pretend you’re going into a job interview – If you’re anything like me, which you very well may not be as I’m pretty weird ;), you LOVE preparing for interviews! Tidying up the old resume, researching the company & perhaps creeping the hiring manager a little (only for your own good!), and above all else ~ rehearsing answers to likely questions.

A question that may come up in interviews just so happens to be the question in the title of this blog. So, pretend you’re going into an interview, and want to have an answer prepped for this possible question. This will get your mind focusing on perhaps some more “serious” hobbies that you’d be comfortable letting your employer know of. “I love yoga, I practice it 2-3 times a week” or “I volunteer regularly at the hospital”…..wish I could say the latter was actually true of myself. Anyways, I think you get the point!

Pretend you’re going on a date – As the first recommendation gets your brain stewing on hobbies that are more so professional, you don’t want to forget about your fun hobbies. Now, don’t picture a first date, as some folks can be pretty nervous in this scenario. But rather, picture a fifth date. You’ve know this person for a bit, you want to open up more, so, let them know what you do for fun!

“I play video games into the early hours of the morning” (currently on God of War 4, a big piece of advice, play this game!), or “I like to discover a new musician each week”. Whatever it is you do with your spare time that you consider fun, you’ll likely find it picturing yourself on a not-so-awkward date.

Recall what you enjoyed doing in your childhood – Now wait for it, this one’s intense. This will reveal…….your TRUE HOBBIES. For me, reflecting on this is really helpful in determining my hobbies. Nothing puts me in touch with myself more than remembering what I enjoyed doing as a child. You can’t find anything more pure!

When I was young, writing short stories was one of my biggest pastimes. It sparked my imagination (which reading some of them now was very large and very strange haha) and allowed me to go wherever I wanted to go! I stopped writing for a really long time, because my marks in English didn’t exactly reflect that I was “writer material”. I’ve recently said good riddance to that –Β  who cares for properly structured essays and transition sentences? Certainly not me. So, I’ve gone back to my roots, and have started a blog to get my writing juices flowing again; while simultaneously breaking almost every rule from my English classes.

So, my advice: picture yourself in these scenarios. Your mind will begin to evaluate yourself from three different perspectives!

Let me know what some of your hobbies are!

Peace out, until next time.

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