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Accepting Yourself

Greetings Friends.

I hope I’m not alone when I say I don’t understand my inner workings sometimes.

Being an INFJ type personality, it’s sometimes difficult to put myself out there. Having the self-esteem to go outside my comfort zone and express my thoughts and ideas does not come naturally to me at all. ESPECIALLY with people I’m not fully comfortable with (which is about 95% people).

For those I am comfortable with, I’m essentially a different person: talkative, energized, and above all else – confident. So much so that I externalize any thought or emotion, and not second guess it one bit. You may even go as far as saying I’m a little crazy (in a good way) with these select few.

Now, what boggles my mind is, how is this possible?! I can recognize that within me are two people; introverted and extroverted Anita. But how is it that my environment and those around me nearly all the power in determining which part of me comes out (are they secretly controlling me?).

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Although I’m far from controlling this conundrum, I’ve at least recognized and accepted it – the first step in any personality observation! I may not have much advice on how to call upon your other self (as I’m still in the works of figuring it all out), but, I’ll tell you the one thing I’m sticking to – be yourself.

This doesn’t mean that by being yourself you’ll somehow become the star of the party and be able to carry and contribute to conversations with people you usually can’t. All this means is: if it’s more natural for you to be shy with some people, then be shy. If you feel like expressing every living idea in your brain to someone, go for it.

If acting differently in front of different people is what comes naturally to you, then perfect – that’s just you being you!

No one said your personality has to be the same with everyone. For some people that’s the case. But for INFJ’s (and I’m thinking for majority of introverts for that matter), we couldn’t be more different with everyone we meet. That’s just part of what makes a relationship with an introvert so special!

So next time you’re feeling down about the quirkiness of your personality – just embrace it! Be yourself – be 10 different personalities with 10 different people if that’s what it takes!

Let me know what your take on this. What do you think about the idea of having a varying charatcer dependending on who you’re with?

Peace out, until next time

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